So what should you eat to stay healthy?  Eat Raw Organic Sunshine!
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Approximate Cost


A Cleansing/Detoxification/Fasting Program

So What Does A Program Like This Cost?
Anywhere from $1,235. (US) to $2,500. (US)
depending on what products, supplements and services you choose.

I have studied various company's products for inclusion in my 28-day cleanse/detox/fast.
The products I have chosen are as follows.
Details about each product are included elsewhere in My Super-Cleanse pages.

To tell you the exact cost of a cleanse/detox/fasting program would be nearly impossible. Different people will choose different products, supplements and services. For example, one person might choose to do Dry Infrared Sauna Sessions daily while another might choose weekly. The costs which follow are only guidelines. Obviously prices change and vary over time, and these estimates do not include shipping. You can find the actual current prices by clicking on the links below.


Produce:  You'll need a good source for the various juicing ingredients (food) you'll be ingesting throughout the cleanse/detox/fast. Click Here for suggested ingredients.

PRODUCTS:  about $420.US

Daily Supplement Containers  (some way to organize your tab/caplets)
Salad Spinner  (you'll be washing a lot of produce)

SUPPLEMENTS:  about $815.US

Universal Formulas:  Bepure System
Universal Formulas:  CandidaEx

Dr. Fuhrman's:  Gentle Care Formula Multivitamin & Mineral
Dr. Fuhrman's:  Osteo-Sun

Body Force (Bundled Set):  Parasite-Free
Body Force (Bundled Set):  Free-Liver
Body Force (Bundled Set):  Free-Colon
Body Force (Bundled Set):  Charconite

Beyond Health:  Vit-C Buffered Powder
Beyond Health:  Vit-C Buffered Tablets
Beyond Health:  B12/Folate Formula

N.E.E.D.S.:  Pure Encapsulations:  Alpha Lipoic Acid
N.E.E.D.S.:  Thorne: O.P.C.
N.E.E.D.S.:  Integrative Therapeutics/Tyler:  Reconcostat 100 Caplet
N.E.E.D.S.:  Solgar:  Glycine
N.E.E.D.S.:  Modern:  Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative Tabs (should they be needed)


Dry Infrared Sauna Sessions
Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions


SUPPLEMENTS:  about $411.US

Beyond Health:  CoQ10 Formula
Beyond Health:  Cell Detox Formula
Beyond Health:  Cellular Repair Formula
Beyond Health:  Curcumin Formula

Dr. Fuhrman's:  Favorite Flora
Dr. Fuhrman's:  DHA Purity


PRODUCTS:  about $460.US

Rebounder  (to keep your lymphatic system moving)

HydroFloss (dental care is a MAJOR part of good health)


For additional possible supplements Click Here!