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A Cleansing/Detoxification/Fasting Program

The Importance of Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)

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- Colon Hydrotherapy -

Your large intestine, sometimes referred to as the colon, is a major part of your eliminative system. It is the area within your body where:
  • vitamins, trace and micro-trace minerals are absorbed
  • water is absorbed, keeping the body hydrated, and
  • wastes, by-products from metabolism, pathogens from your lymphatic system, and excess water pass through for discharge.
Years of bad eating eating habits have most likely left the walls of your colon caked with hardened fecal material, undigested, putrefied foods matter, and parasites. This "caked on" material clogs the "walls" of your colon and blocks the absorption of nutrients and water through the wall membrane. You could transform your eating habits, begin to eat only wonderfully nutritious foods, and not get any benefit out of your diet at all, if you have not taken the steps to clean the interior "walls" of your colon.

A colonic, often referred to as a colonic irrigation, colon hydrotherapy or a colon cleansing, is similar to, but more thorough than, an enema. A colonic is a painless, gentle water cleansing of the large intestine. There is no water "pressure" applied other than gravity feed. You almost don't feel the water inside you at all. It usually takes several colonic sessions to gently wash the caked on muck from your colon wall. There really isn't much reason to undertake a detoxification program at all if you are not willing to clean out your body's sewer system by cleansing your colon.

Colon hydrotherapy is directly related to detoxification. All the nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical chelators serve to mobilize the toxins throughout your body tissues. Once the toxins reach your colon, if they are delayed in transit by accumulated colon debris (or by constipation), they can be reabsorbed back through the colon wall membrane and back into your blood stream. Colon hydrotherapy helps clean the toxins out before they have a chance to reabsorb. Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., in her book Detoxify or Die, speaks to this point. "If you are constipated or the gut is not completely healthy, (see her book No More Heartburn for details), the nasty chemical that has been dragged into the gut attached to glutathione does not end up in the (toilet) tank. Instead, the glutathione falls off the chemical and the chemical is now reabsorbed into the body, ready once again to do its damage. However, if you are hosing out the intestine, you reduce the work of the gut and detoxification system, while simultaneously making sure that the nasty chemical is not reabsorbed."

Colon hydrotherapists are experienced, certified professionals who assist your hydrotherapy session. They hold the standards that your comfort and privacy are priorities.

• • •

Have a colon hydrotherapy session about every four days during the initial 28 days of this cleanse/detox/fasting program. This is the time period when heavy metal toxins and parasites will be "stirred up" the most in your system. Sessions should be once a week for the next few weeks, and every two weeks thereafter. Colon hydrotherapy sessions are vitally important to the cleanse/detox/fasting program.

• • •

I also highly suggest that you be proactive during your colon hydrotherapy session. Instead of just lying there and letting the water do the job, use your hands to massage your belly. Manipulating your body this way can aid in dislodging trapped fecal mater from your intestinal walls. You can also ask the hydrotherapist for a vibrator/massager that you can use for the same purpose.