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A Cleansing/Detoxification/Fasting Program

Answers to Your Questions

Here are a few of the questions that have come in related to the 28-day cleanse/detox/fast:

Why do a fast? 

You are a pure, energetic being who has unknowingly gotten a lot of mud caked on you, both inside and out, including physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If you are reading this sentence it is time. It is your time to step up and begin the (re)purification process, and restore your frequency/vibration/resonance to a higher level.

How much will this cleansing/detox/fasting program cost? 

Throughout the cleanse/detox/fasting process, please remember one thing... Over the course of your lifetime you have spent an ENORMOUS amount of time and money getting your body into the predicament that it's in today. It may take an equally ENORMOUS amount of time and money to get you out of this situation!

I eat a healthy diet. Why do I need to cleanse? 

The phrase 'eating a healthy diet' is truly a broad stroke of the pen. It means different things to different people, and in some cases it can include the (SAD) Standard American Diet. That said, eating today's healthy diet is by no means a guarantee that you are healthy inside. Your body harbors old, caked on fecal matter on your intestinal walls which block nutrient absorption. Most people, although they do not realize it, have parasites, fungi and yeasts in their bodies which continually siphon the life force out of you.

Additionally, you cannot be alive today without taking toxins into your body. Environmental toxins invade our bodies from the air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat. In addition to the detrimental environmental effects, most of the products we use today are appalling collections of toxins.

Although you may feel healthy at the moment, the whole point of participating in a cleanse/detox/fast is to prepare yourself for the future. Get as much of the bad stuff out of your body now, stop or limit the amount which will come into your body today, and you can almost insure that your future will be one full of health and well-being.

This cleanse/detox/fast is for everyone.

28 days seems like an awfully long time to be without food. Is that safe? Why is the program that long? 

First of all, keep in mind that the body is getting complete nourishment throughout this cleanse/detox/fast. Juicing is probably more nourishing than most of you have been getting in your 'regular' diets.

I have participated in juice fasts of only ten days after which I found that the internal process of cleansing was just getting started. Cleansing and detoxification are, and should be, gradual processes. 28 days seems to be a good benchmark for most people's bodies to both break down, and clear out the 'undesirables' inside. Additionally, 28 days seems to be just long enough for you to reconsider your old way of being, i.e. the old habits, which have gotten you to this point in time. The plan's duration gives you time to examine your old habits and create new ones.

Also, the ingredients of most of the products mentioned in this program are natural herbs. You don't just pop a pill and get instantaneous results. Herbs, the most natural of all things which affect our bodies, work gradually. A 28 day plan is enough time to get the full benefit out of herbal supplements.

Is swimming a good exercise during a fast? 

Swimming is an excellent exercise, but you have to be very concerned about the quality of the water you are swimming in. During a cleanse/detox/fast you are spending your hard earned resources, both time and money, to clean up your body. You wouldn't want to got out and dip your biggest eliminative organ (your skin) in a bucket of chemicals would you? That's exactly what you would be doing if you began to swim in a 'normal' swimming pool. That goes for hot tubs too.

It is much, much better to use a dry infrared sauna, wherein you sweat the toxins out instead of absorbing them in.

I heard cleaning up after using a juicer is a pain. What's the story? 

No magical words of wisdom here...  Fasting doesn't mean Fast Food. Prepping your produce, doing the juicing, and doing the cleanup takes a lot of time. If you're new to juicing, know full well going in that it is work, and work requires extra time in the kitchen. But don't let that stop you from doing the cleanse/detox/fast. Ultimately you will look back and know full well that the work has been worth the trouble.   (I don't even have a garbage disposal in my sink, so it takes me even more time to clean the big chunks from my juicer before I wash it. If I can do it you can do it!)  (Also... If you are lucky enough to have someone preparing your juice for you, whether it be at home or in a juice bar, be sure to thank them whole heartedly. They deserve it!)

I was just in the kitchen cleaning my juicer when I was reminded of one practical hint that I can give you. Don't let the juice and waste material dry on the juicer before you clean it. Dried material = longer cleaning.  :-)

How often should I participate in a fast such as this? 

Ridding your body of unwanted toxins is, and will be, an ongoing process. Periodic cleansing, at a minimum of once or twice a year, is what I do for myself. I look forward to it because I know I am giving myself the best possible gift - the gift of health and well-being. I feel 100% better after having completed a 28-day cleanse/detox/fast. Doing the cleanse twice a year will insure that I have great health well into the future.

If I'll only be taking in liquids, will I have any bowel movements? 

Although they may be somewhat less periodic than 'normal,' you will continue to experience bowel movements. During a cleanse/detox/fast, your body is discharging old, caked on intestinal/fecal matter and things like parasites and yeasts.

I do not have my eyesight. Can I still participate in this cleansing? 

There is a tremendous amount of work involved in juicing including washing the produce, produce pre-cutting and post-storage, and assembling and cleaning the juicing machine. This last point, cleaning the juicing machine, is of upmost importance. If food particles are left behind drying on the machine parts, there is the possibility for the development of bacteria. 

My advice is to either have a sighted person support you throughout this fast, or go to a 'juicing' retail store. If you go to a 'juice bar,' insist that they use only the ingredients which you tell them to use. The average person does not understand, for example, that you should not use any sweet fruit in your juices during this cleanse/detox/fast.


Can I loose weight on this fast? 

I can only speak from personal experience. I lost 16 pounds during the 28 day juice fast.

Could you tell me something about what happens in detoxification?

There are three consecutively ongoing stages of a detoxification process. "Mobilization," "Chelation" (binding with, or latching onto), and "Removal." The natural supplements and pharmaceutical chelators do an excellent job of dislodging the heavy metals and other toxins from your tissues and "mobilizing" them in your system. They also do an excellent job of hooking up with, or binding to, the metal molecules that become dislodged in the detoxification process. The third stage of the process is removing the toxins from your body via urine, feces, and sweat. Dietary and supplemental fiber (as well as charcoal) play a major role in the excretion process. Chance are, the dietary fiber (the fiber coming from the foods you eat) is not adequate for the detox removal stage. You MUST, therefore, take supplemental fiber often, and in larger-than-normal quantities. Fiber affects debris transit time through your intestines. If you don't increase your fiber intake, the toxins can remain in your intestinal tract longer than necessary giving additional time for intestinal wall adhesion. If that happens, you will have wasted your time/effort/money on mobilization/chelation supplements. Bottom line? Take fiber supplements.