So what should you eat to stay healthy?  Eat Raw Organic Sunshine!
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Is Sunshine the missing ingredient in your diet?
Eat a Colorful, Fresh, Raw/Steamed, Whole, Living, Organic, Plant-Based Diet and

Achieve Nutritional Excellence!

Diet is the foundation for everything we do.
It is the cornerstone of everything we are here to achieve.
If you have come to this website to improve your health, or the health of a loved one,
I urge you... no... I beg you... to buy and view these videos.
The messages here are the most important communications you are ever going to hear about human health.
Use these DVDs to actually make a difference in your life!  - Doug Hines

Watch The Trailer Below For Mike Anderson's New DVD "Eating,"
and use the 'order now' button to see the entire DVD (which is far more powerful than the trailer).
("Eating" only costs $9.95, and this DVD will give you life-saving, long-term value!) is proud to present the trailer from the DVD documentary "Eating" (third edition), produced by This video virtually gives you a one-on-one consultation with some of the world's leading authorities on heart disease reversal and healing cancer. These experts have some of the most impeccable credentials on the planet. Also, listen directly to people who have reversed both life-threatening illnesses with just a simple diet change, coupled with exercise. The truth is in the old cliche... This is one of the most important videos you're ever going to see in your lifetime.


Take a Look at the CD/DVD Educational Package put together by the Boutenko "Raw Family" !!!

6 DVDs + an Audio CD!       You Save Over $70!

Watch The "Processed People" Trailers
Everyone Is Talking About! is proud to present the two trailers from the new DVD documentary "Processed People." This new movie features in-depth discussions with leading health experts detailing why so many of us are sick, and offers solutions to our current devastating health crisis.

Fast food, fast medicine, fast news and fast lives have turned most people into sick, uninformed, indebted, "processed" people.

Tragically, most people are victims of a "health care" system and a way of life which are devastating to our overall well-being. There is so much confusing, conflicting information out there, and the "authorities," both governmental and private, don't always have our best interests at heart. Bottom line dollars seem to be more important to some than bottom line health. Don't you feel as if you are caught in a perpetual grinding machine, unable to escape?

Processed People features insightful interviews from nine preeminent health and environmental experts/advocates. They discuss how and why we got into this mess, and what we can do to break the "processed people" cycle.

Just look at this list of contributors:

• John Robbins

• Milton Mills, MD

• Joel Fuhrman, MD

• Jeffrey Masson, PhD

• John McDougall, MD

• Pam Popper, ND, PhD

• Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD

• Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LD, LN

• Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP, FAMB, IBCLC

Listen to This Viewer! -- "Fabulous video! A 'wake-up' call with factual, hard-hitting health commentary that is rarely heard. Processed People provides a message of real hope for all of us. This fast-moving, professionally produced, 40-minute documentary also includes over 2 hours of extended interviews with health professionals who share their personal journeys to well-being and their unique perspectives on our "health care" system. If you're searching for the un-processed truth about diet and health, look no further." - Rob Drummond, Fort Wayne, IN, USA.


This DVD is for anyone who wants to help themselves, and/or their family and friends,

to find a new, healthier lifestyle. Processed People should be shown on-screen

repeatedly in every doctor's office in the world. Get one as a gift for your doctor!