So what should you eat to stay healthy?  Eat Raw Organic Sunshine!
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Is Sunshine the missing ingredient in your diet?
Eat a Colorful, Fresh, Raw/Steamed, Whole, Living, Organic, Plant-Based Diet and

Achieve Nutritional Excellence!

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- Here Are Some Guidelines For Healthy Living -

  • Use organic foods if possible. The probability of ingesting toxins is less when using organic foods.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid unsprouted beans and grains.
  • Drink a cup of water 20 minutes before meals (hydrates the stomach).
  • Take very little drink with meals. Drink dilutes or neutralizes digestive acids.
  • Drink plenty of water between meals.
  • Choose your water source carefully. Tap water contains toxins. Bottled water in clear plastic containers is full of toxins from the plastic. Bottled water in blue, polycarbonate plastic bottles is better, but still contains toxins. Distilled water contains less toxins (except voc’s), but contains no minerals. Spring or Mineral water contains the minerals, but may contain toxins. Water from reverse osmosis systems WITH a carbon block filter is probably the best water source right now.
  • Use no salt except sea salt. Sodium silicoaluminate and/or aluminum calcium silicate are added to common table salt to help it run freely and not cake.
  • If you must use bread, use sprouted, multi-grain or millet. Millet is preferred.
  • Big business has “sold” us on the idea that Wheat is better than White. Make no mistake, White is bad for you. However, Gluten, the protein lectin in Wheat, Rye and Barley, clogs your intestinal villi and colon, and can cause intestinal inflammation.
  • Big business has also “sold” us on the idea that soy is good for you. Nothing is further from the truth. Soy and soy products are extremely difficult to digest. Unfermented soy creates acidity and can leach minerals from your body.
  • Dairy products are highly irritating to the GI tract mucosa, which causes increased mucus. Mucus mixed with starch can cause heavy mucoid plaque to build up on our intestinal walls.
  • Most shellfish, and other fish like swordfish, shark, red snapper and albacore tuna, are contaminated with mercury. Eating today’s seafood is like eating a chemical filter.
  • Today’s animals are not like the ones your grandparents ate. Today’s animals are full of  high amounts of hormones / steroids / growth stimulants / antibiotics / medicines / tranquilizers / preservatives / pesticides / chemicals / toxins / etc.  Animals either ingest or get injected with these poisons, then you eat the animals. Where do you think the poisons wind up?
  • “These lethal chemicals accumulate in the fatty tissues of animals in much greater concentrations than are found in fruits and vegetables.” - John Robbins, Diet For A New America
  • Pickled foods, all made with salt and sugar, severely irritate the stomach lining.
  • For snacks, use fruit, water or fresh juice.
  • Wash your produce. 2 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide and the juice of 2 fresh lemons per sink full of water. Soak 5 minutes and rinse.
  • Throw your microwave oven in the trash. Microwaves heat the water molecules within foods. Water molecules are not distributed evenly throughout foods (especially meats), therefore the food is not cooked evenly. (Not to mention the fact that cooking destroys food nutrients.)
  • Cook your foods less. Cooking (and canning) damages the nutrient value in foods.
  • Stay out of the big-chain food stores where 99% of the foods and cleaning products contain poisonous chemicals. Shop at health food stores and local farmer’s markets. Buy organic!
  • Don’t use toothpaste, or drink water, containing fluoride. Fluoride is a poison.
  • Lack of proper nutrition, and the accumulation of toxins in your body are the two main causes of ALL sickness, illness, and disease.
  • If man has had anything to do with your food (aside from picking it from the vine), don’t eat it. It contains toxic and poisonous man-made chemicals.
  • If it comes in a bag, box, jar, or can, don’t eat it. It has been processed by the food industry and contains toxins.
  • Carefully choose what you put on your body. With very few exceptions, soaps, sun blocks, skin creams, deodorants, shampoos, cosmetics, perfumes, insect repellents, etc., all contain toxins.
  • In addition to killing the "bad" bacteria in your body, antibiotics kill the “friendly” bacteria in your colon. This situation (1) prevents vitamin and mineral absorption, (2) forces toxins into your blood stream, (3) enables the overgrowth of Candida albicans, a yeast-type fungal infection, and (4) impedes you immune system’s ability to fight the problem you took the antibiotics for in the first place. Antibiotics are poisons.
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco. The manufacturing process contains toxins.
  • Have your dentist take the metal out of your mouth (including braces). The metal contains toxins.      
  • Increase your oxygen intake, move your lymph fluid, stimulate cell excretion, release tension and stress... all through daily exercise and deep breathing.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Get periodic chiropractic adjustments to keep your body's energetic channels open.
  • Get periodic colon cleansing to keep toxins from building in your large intestine.
  • Use an infrared sauna daily. Your perspiration flushes toxins out through your skin. (Steam saunas, steam baths, and hot tubs are bad. The steam comes from tap water containing toxins, plus... whatever toxins your body releases through perspiration also goes into the steam, then you inhale the steam and reabsorb the toxins.)                            
  • Get yourself into a good detoxification program (including chelation therapy) to rid your body of toxins, enable it to "self-regenerate," and return you to normal, healthy living!