So what should you eat to stay healthy?  Eat Raw Organic Sunshine!
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Is Sunshine the missing ingredient in your diet?
Eat a Colorful, Fresh, Raw/Steamed, Whole, Living, Organic, Plant-Based Diet and

Achieve Nutritional Excellence!

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The great moments in history do not begin when everyone says "yes."
They begin when a few people have the courage to say "no."

Is glucose (SUGAR) hazardous to your health?

ScienceDaily (Dec. 26, 2009) -
Going back for a second dessert after your holiday meal might not be the best strategy for living a long, cancer-free life say researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. That's because they've shown exactly how restricted calorie diets - specifically in the form of restricted glucose - help human cells live longer.

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Glucose molecular model. (Credit: iStockphoto/Martin McCarthy)

Get The Metal Out Of Your Mouth!

We should stop using mercury amalgam tooth fillings.
Read my webpage on 'Why Detox,' and then find a dentist who practices the Huggins protocol safely.
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We should stop using fluoride -
both as a dental treatment and as a water additive!
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Fluoride Action Network

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Fluoride-Free Dentistry

Dr. Bill Osmunson, a general and cosmetic dentist, speaks about fluoride:


We should stop poisoning our babies!

Some parents are still ignorantly putting unnatural, synthetic baby formula (made with toxin-filled tap water) into a plastic bag which is inside a plastic baby bottle with a rubber nipple. They heat the concoction in a microwave oven until (a) any and all of the food nutrients are destroyed, and (b) both the plastic and the rubber begin out-gassing into the so-called "food." Then they feed this toxic mess to their wonderful, innocent babies. Later, after the baby is "fed," they shove a plastic/rubber pacifier in his or her mouth! Educate yourself about plastic.
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We should stop
mandatory vaccinations!
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We should stop destroying our food chain base!

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We should stop killing wild horses!

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So How Does an Issue About the Government Killing of Wild Horses Wind up on a Food-Based Website?

Large numbers of wild horses are being rounded up from western public grazing lands, and because of inept bureaucratic rules, regulations, and quotas, are being kept pinned up in such numbers that the "officials" are talking about killing them to make more room for others.

• Questions: Who is behind the "gathering," i.e. the roundup of wild horses on western public grazing lands? 

Who stands to gain by the ultimate killing of these animals?


• Answer:  The beef industry. They want the land for cattle grazing.

• Question: If this roundup is blessed by Law it must be correct - right?

• Answer: Passing a law in favor of something doesn't make it morally right.

• Question for You...   Are you, when choosing to eat hamburger, contributing to the killing of wild horses?