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Although this is a food/health oriented website, it is also a personal website. I, therefore, give myself permission to express ideals which I think are important to building a future which will benefit us all.

Integrity - Don't Ask, Don't Tell
An example of fine character

integrity |in'tegrite|nounthe quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness

Photo courtesy Sara Isaacson

Whenever I hear one of those loud-mouthed chest-beaters railing against homosexuals, I am only left to think that that person must have some real psychological problems going on inside his or her head regarding their own sexuality. The louder the mouth, the more the probability that the person is both mixed up and seriously upset with themselves.

I am perfectly comfortable with my sexual orientation. I am a man who likes women. I think one of the leading indicators that I am perfectly comfortable with my sexual orientation is that, in that comfortable knowing, I can completely allow for others to have their own way of being.

I have no fear of homosexuals. I am pleased that someone can be themselves authentically. We, as a society, need a little more authentic being.

Having said that, I want to draw your attention to someone I highly respect. I respect this young woman because she inherently embodies the very definition of the word integrity. Search high or low, and you will find no finer example. INTEGRITY.

Sara Isaacson is someone quite special.

I first heard about Ms. Isaacson via a radio interview produced by American Public Media in a series called The Story™ ( The Story,™ with Dick Gordon, "brings the news home - through passionate points of view and personal experiences. The program brings together ordinary and extraordinary people to provide perspective on the issues which affect us all."

The interview aired Thursday, September 2nd, 2010, and is entitled "Don't Ask Don't Tell on Campus."

To quote from The Story's summary: "Sara Isaacson has dreamed of a military career since she was 13 years old. When she enrolled at the University of North Carolina on an ROTC scholarship, she identified as straight. During her senior year, three months away from graduation and a commission as a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Army, she came out as a lesbian to her commanding officer. She was de-enrolled from the ROTC program and was asked to pay back nearly $80,000 of her scholarship. Sara talks with Dick Gordon about how she made her decision and whether, if given the chance, she would still serve."

It is both illuminating and refreshing in this day and time to hear Sara Isaacson's expression of character. She IS integrity. I can only wonder just how many U.S. Army generals might measure up to the character of this young woman from Wisconsin.

The following radio clip (25:50) carries three separate stories. The story about Sara Isaacson is first.

I encourage you to listen to this interview. Let is sink in. Let this young woman serve as an example of excellent character for all of us.

Also, don't get hung up on whether or not you agree that she should repay her scholarship money. That is a minor point in this story compared to the gigantic example of character that Sara Isaacson expresses.

PS.  You can make a difference. Tell Congress to repeal DADT, and allow all people of integrity to contribute to our overall societal well being.