So what should you eat to stay healthy?  Eat Raw Organic Sunshine!
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Is Sunshine the missing ingredient in your diet?
Eat a Colorful, Fresh, Raw/Steamed, Whole, Living, Organic, Plant-Based Diet and

Achieve Nutritional Excellence!


A Cleansing/Detoxification/Fasting Program

Doing Parasitic Purging and Heavy Metal Detoxification
Prior to a Juice and Water Fast is Excellent!

The Fountain of Health Can Be Yours!
This isn't a magical, wishful promise. IT IS REAL !

- This Work is About Energy Field Purification -
embarking on your path of self-mastery and universal expression

Why do a cleanse/detox/fast?

Cellular Regeneration - Retuning Oneself

"The gathering here is a gathering of unity of hearts is it not? Of hearts that long for peace within and peace without, of hearts that long to know once more the greatness of your being, the unlimited nature of your being." - Arcturius

Do you have an intense desire in your heart to realize your fullest potential as a human being?

You are a pure, energetic being who has unwittingly, by simply being in the morphonogenic field of mass consciousness, gotten a lot of mud caked on you, both inside and out, including physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If you are reading this sentence it is your time. It is your time to step up and begin the (re)purification process, and restore your frequency/vibration/resonance to a higher level.

"I remember standing on the sidewalk one sunny Brisbane spring in the mid eighties and intuitively realizing that I needed to understand about vibrations and frequencies. At that time I had been regularly meditating for 15 years and while I experienced many powerful benefits from this practice, from somewhere deep inside came a knowing that the next important step in my 'spiritual' journey involved understanding energy bands. It was at this time in my research that I had understood that our four lower bodies - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual could be likened to a four string guitar. When each body or energy field was tuned our life flowed harmoniously and when any were 'out of tune' life was not as harmonious. I realized also that we have the free will to consciously tune ourselves or not. Being aware of the bodies as systems of energy simply gave us choice to be tuned instruments and create life as we wished rather than events in life happening randomly." - Pranic Nourishment by Jasmuheen

 "It is my understanding and conviction that the higher the quotient of Light within the body the stronger our natural ability for cellular regeneration on the purest level. Logically the freer our cellular structure is from all forms of toxicity plus the more Light and the higher the vibration or rate of oscillation of our energy fields, the less possibility of disease, decay and degeneration." - Pranic Nourishment by Jasmuheen

Cleansing is about ridding the body of toxicity, enabling cellular regeneration, and energy field retuning. It is about attaining the highest possible fulfillment of what it truly means to be a human being.     -DougHines

should be viewed as a natural physiologic process to which the body eagerly adapts itself.
For many disease states fasting provides an appropriate condition for the body to recuperate under its
own intelligent direction. The innate wisdom of the human body is a remarkable thing and vividly appreciated as the body sets itself to healing under the conditions of the fasting state. Fasting for health under competent supervision can be a pleasant and rewarding experience that sets a patient on a new
road of superior health." - Joel Fuhrman, M.D.  Fasting and Eating for Health

Here's A Snapshot Of The Overall Program...

The Cleansing / Detoxification / Fasting Timeline

Weeks 1-4 At least four weeks of a diet highlighting Large Green Salads with a low fat, low sodium, low protein, non-oil, non-fruit, high-fiber plant- based diet of raw or steamed vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and soaked, raw nuts and seeds (sparingly) and water. In addition to introducing 'cleansing' foods into your diet, the first four weeks promotes weight loss which is an important precedent to fasting. In other words, don't use fasting to loose weight; loose weight first to support your fasting.

Week 5 Green Smoothies, Light Soups, Water, Light (not dense) Raw Foods (nothing sweet)

Week 6 Green (veg) Juices, Broths, Teas, Liquid-Only Soups, Water

Weeks 7-8 A Two Week Water Only Fast - longer if recommended by the supervising health professional

Week 9 Green (veg) Juices, Broths, Teas, Light Soups, Green Smoothies, Light (not dense) Raw Foods, Water

Thereafter Resume a permanent diet of predominantly Large Green Salads with a low fat, low sodium, low protein, non-oil, high-fiber plant-based diet of raw or steamed vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, and soaked, raw nuts and seeds (sparingly) and plenty of water

Drink at least a Quart of Water a day throughout the entire program.

Click For More Details...
Here's What Steve Meyerowitz Says About It...

Steve Meyerowitz, 'The Sproutman,'
has devoted his life to empowering people to achieve better health.

Listen as he speaks about the importance of a 28-30 day fast,
and tells us why fasting, i.e. just forgoing food, isn't enough
to rid the body of parasites, yeasts and viruses 
This audio clip is taken from one of Mr. Meyerowitz's online seminars on fasting.
Check out his website here:

Things Which Need to be Said...

Fasting should be supervised by an adequately trained medical professional. The International Association of Professional Natural Hygienists (IAPNH), an organization of primary care doctors specializing in therapeutic fasting, offers its members certification in fasting supervision. Persons on medication should especially follow a medical professional's guidance to prevent excessive blood sugar lowering or hypoglycemia and/or low electrolyte stores.

Fasting can be very beneficial for persons with type II, or adult-onset diabetes, however weight loss, even in slightly overweight diabetics, via a prolonged plant-based diet and light exercise is essential prior to fasting. Type I diabetics, persons with childhood-onset diabetes, should not fast but should pursue a low fat, low protein, low sodium, low oil, high-fiber, plant-based diet.

Additionally, persons should not fast who have liver or kidney disease, extreme weakness, severe anemia, nutritional deficiency states or malnourishment, porphyria, or pregnancy. Persons who have taken, for a prolonged time, oral steroids, or drugs such as antidepressants, tranquilizers, or narcotics should not fast. Persons on anticoagulation therapy or who have a history of sustained ventricular tachycardia or are on diuretics and heparin should not fast. Persons with cancer or AIDS should not fast because fasting can contribute to their malnourishment. Any and all forms of caffeine intake should be stopped during a fast.

Finally, fasting while under emotional stress will probably not provide the greatest benefit.

SOMETHING I WANT TO HIGHLIGHT:  The supplements in this program are designed to perform specific processes to support and enhance the detoxification and cleansing process. Please understand, however, that the supplements are meant to s-u-p-p-l-e-m-e-n-t the juice. THE JUICE IS THE PRIMARY WAY YOU ARE GOING TO GET YOUR NOURISHMENT.

Caution #1:  A cleansing, detoxification fast is a serious endeavor. Undertaking such a program while seriously ill or fighting disease is not recommended. WARNING TO WOMEN: Undertaking a cleansing, detoxification fast while pregnant or nursing is not recommended.

Caution #2:  Detoxification is not a quick fix. It takes time... a lot of time. I have learned one extremely important thing in my studies. Detoxification whether it be via intravenous, oral, or suppository, is a long term issue. Some manufacturers would have you believe that if you take their product your body will be metal-free in sixty days. Hogwash. Detoxification make take months to years. When done safely, it is a slow and gradual process. Having said that, a commitment of six month's to one year's work can make a tremendous difference in your health and to your future.

Caution #3:  Children often carry as much heavy metal body burden as do adults. After all, they receive it before birth via their parents, they receive it throughout their early years via vaccinations, and the receive it again and again through water, air and food contamination. The plan described herein is for adults. Seek professional guidance to establish nutritional supplementation recommendations and relevant dosages for children.

Note #1:  I am not a qualified, credentialed medical practitioner. I am a common layman. I simply had enough interest in the subject of detoxification to have studied the subject in depth. Whatever you may read in this website should not be interpreted as advice, especially medical advice. The process of removing toxins from your body should be supervised by medical and dental professionals. The information contained herein is for educational purposes only. Study the material and review it with your health practitioners.

I make no recommendations about taking nutritional supplements or pharmaceutical chelators. I also make no recommendation for you to follow my plan. I am simply telling you what I did personally, and suggesting that you make an action plan of your own. 

I do, however, recommend one thing. I suggest you enlist the support of three key professionals to advise you regarding your detoxification endeavors. Find a medical practitioner and a dentist who understand the reasons for heavy metal detoxification, and find a colon hydrotherapist. All are necessary coaches in this process.

Note #2:  Make no mistake about it. This cleanse/detox/fast is a lot of WORK. Prepping and juicing the produce, cleaning the juicer, and daily managing the supplements, is work. If you have decided that it is time for you to clean up your body, if you will make the commitment to do the WORK involved, then this cleanse is for you. It will bring the results you want. If you take on this process, you will intimately come to know the meaning of the words commitment, dedication, perseverance... and JOY!

Administrative Note:  The reason that words are typed in separate text below each graphic is that the pictured graphics do not translate into other languages. The text allows for such translation so that people in other lands can understand the program.

Continuing After the Water Fast...
Cleansing, parasite purging and heavy metal detoxification is a long term process which takes a long term commitment. If you're smart, for the next six months you will only eat a healthy diet, and you will continue to take the supplements shown on After-the-Water-Fast Daily Supplements Schedule.

In Closing...

For those of you who say:

                                   • “This is too complicated, you’ve got to make it simpler.”

                                  • “There are too many pills to take.”

                                   • “I don’t like saunas.”

                                   • “There’s no way I’m going to have an enema thing (colonic).”

                                  • “There’s no way I’m going to begin exercising.”

• “There’s no way I’m going to spend that kind of money on this stuff.”

Here is my answer...

If you don’t take the issue of cleaning up your body seriously you will eventually have to live with the after effects - a myriad of serious, even life threatening, illnesses. Tomorrow’s health begins with today’s decisions.


You must have a tremendous amount of commitment to accomplish your goal of ridding your body of toxins. Oral detoxification (mobilization/chelation/removal) is a long, slow process. It takes a lot of time (6 months minimum to a year), and it takes a lot of money (amalgam removal, testing, physician/dentist support, colon hydrotherapy, sauna cost, and supplements). Supplements only make a very small difference daily, hence you will need to spend a lot of time and money on supplements in the long run.

Refer again to the “Key Elements For Success!” Detoxification takes work on your part. You can’t simply pop a pill in your mouth and expect a lifetime of heavy metal to poop out the other end. Detoxification is a process which demands some work. The Key Elements are a vital part of this work. Review them, and  commit to doing each and every one of them often. If you want a successful outcome (pardon the pun), do the Elements. I can’t stress this point enough!

Best of luck for your healthy future...      -Doug Hines