So what should you eat to stay healthy?  Eat Raw Organic Sunshine!
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What's a Vegan?
Is Sunshine the missing ingredient in your diet?
Eat a Colorful, Fresh, Raw/Steamed, Whole, Living, Organic, Plant-Based Diet and

Achieve Nutritional Excellence!

Ask yourself this question...

"How is the way in which we currently interact with non-humans (animals) the fundamental 
source and cause of all of the other problems we are experiencing in our lives today?"

Finding the answer to this question, and acting upon it, will change our lives forever for the better.

For the PeopleFor the PlanetFor the Animals.

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What's a Vegan?

"Much more than a diet, veganism is a way of being, an ethical commitment,
which recognizes the equality and interconnectedness of all life."
- Doug Hines

Veganism is one thing, and one thing only.
[It is] a way of living which avoids exploitation,
whether it be of our fellow man, of the animal population,
or of the soil upon which we all rely for our very existence." 
- Eva Batt

"The contemporary vegan movement is founded on loving-kindness and mindfulness of our effects on others. It is revolutionary because it transcends and renounces the violent core of the herding culture in which we live. It is founded on living the truth of interconnectedness and thereby consciously minimizing the suffering we impose on animals, humans, and biosystems; it frees us all from the slavery of becoming mere commodities. It signifies the birth of  new consciousness, the resurrection of intelligence and compassion, and the basic reject of crulelty and domination. It is our only real hope for the future of our species because it addresses the cause rather than being concerned merely with effects. From this new consciousness we can accomplish virtually anything; it represents the fundamental positive personal and cultural transformation that we yearn for, and it requires that we change something basic: our eating habits." - Will Tuttle, Ph.D.  The World Peace Diet

"...'man's inhumanity to man' is rooted in our inhumanity to animals." - Will Tuttle, Ph.D.  The World Peace Diet

Here are some of the people who have made it publicly known that they have adopted a plant-based diet:

Bob Barker
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Dyan Cannon
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Steve Martin
Cicely Tyson
Casey Affleck
Ed Begley, Jr.
Gillian Anderson
Linda Blair
Ellen Degeneres
Emily Deschanel
Lisa Edelstein
Pamelyn Ferdin
Ginnifer Goodwin
Woody Harrelson
John Robbins
Gabrielle Miller
Kevin Nealon
Robin Quivers
Marcus Patrick
Joaquin Phoenix
River Phoenix
Summer Phoenix
Natalie Portman
Jason Schwartzman
Shania Twain
Coretta Scott King
Casey Kasem
Peter Max
Franz Kafka
Vanessa Williams
Claudia Schiffer
Bob Dylan
Carl Lewis
Drew Barrymore
Steve Jobs
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Joanne Woodward
Keenan Ivory Wayans
Alec Baldwin
Chevy Chase
Pamela Anderson
Little Richard
Paul McCartney
Joan Rivers
Alicia Silverstone
David Bowie
Billie Jean King
Dick Gregory
John Cleese
Kimberley Hefner
James Cromwell
Kim Basinger
Johnny Weissmuller
Michael Bolton
Leonardo da Vinci
Helen Hunt
Ariel & Will Durant
Richard Gere
Julianna Margulles
David Duchovny
John Harvey Kellogg
Marilu Henner
Bill Cosby
William Wordsworth
Mick Jagger
Mary Tyler Moore
Edwin Moses
Clint Eastwood
Tatum O'Neal
Tobey Maguire
Anthony Hopkins
Ringo Starr
Vincent Van Gogh
Chelsea Clinton
Willem Dafoe
Dennis Kucinich
Amanda Holden
Pierce Brosnan
Ashley Judd
Hans Christian Andersen
Carl Sagan
Linus Pauling
Juliette Binoche
John Tesh
Daryl Hannah
George Bernard Shaw
Julia Stiles
Marcus Aurelius
Elizabeth Berkley
Henry Heimlich
Christie Brinkley
Leo Tolstoy
Anthony Robbins
Mark Twain
Norman Cousins
Chris Evert
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Dennis Weaver
Gary Player
Leonard Nimoy
Mary Shelley
Susan B. Anthony
Cesar Chavez
Dustin Hoffman
Arthur C. Clarke
John Denver
Doris Day
Paul Newman
Irving Wallace
Valorie Hutchins
Martina Navratilova
Desmond Howard
Candice Bergen
Liv Tyler
Sir Isaac Newton
Charles Darwin




The very symbol of
human ignorance.
Being a Vegan is so much more than a diet.  It's a way of being.
Find out more below.

How can you possibly love a dog, cat, parakeet or goldfish, etc.,
and then go out and eat a chicken, egg, turkey, cow, pig, sheep, goat or fish etc.?

Just where, in your mind, do you make the distinction
between these living animals and why?

Contemplate what it would take to manifest a quantum-leap
forward in our development as human beings.

How do we define our relationship with other life forms?
Do we define other life forms as property or as partners?
Do we have any inherent 'right' to assign such a definition at all?

The way in which we interact with non-humans is
vitally important to our ultimate success as humans.
Embracing a partnered way-of-being with animals
is the very key to human transformation.

Please reconsider your relationship with animals.

- Doug Hines

- The Moment -

"The moment that we stop shaking our heads in denial
that we have been complicit in the suffering and deaths
of other sentient beings is the moment when we will
enter a new era of living in a fundamentally ethical world.
Begin today to live without killing animals."
- Doug Hines

Become a humane being.

Click Below To See The Best Of Our Interactions With Animials

Thanks to Jeff Nelson at VegSource for highlighting the following stories.

Animals Have A Deep Capacity For Love
A true story about a lion expressing love and affection:

Christian the Lion shows his to love to his owners John Rendall and Ace Bourke.
They had to let go of the Lion into the wild to Nairobi, Kenya. After many years, 
they went to visit Christian to see if he still remembers them. The reunion was so 
touching, Christian still gave them the same lion hugs ever before! This video was 
created for the benefit of the BORN FREE FOUNDATION.

Animals Have A Deep Capacity For Love
A true story about a gorilla expressing love and affection:

    The Aspinall Foundation is a charity that promotes wildlife conservation and 
    reintroduces captive gorillas back into the wild in West Africa. Five years ago, 
    conservationist Damian Aspinall released a gorilla, Kwibi, into the jungles of 
    Gabon. Aspinall returned recently to reunite with a now ten-year-old Kwibi.

• • •


The companies which perpetrate abuse on animals only do so because you buy their products. Your actions, therefore, are the ultimate underlying cause of this situation.

"Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery,
I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally."
-Abraham Lincoln